Yoga Etiquette

Be respectful of your fellow yogis and yoga teachers.

At Mind Bodhi Yoga, everyone is welcome and we practice tolerance, acceptance, respect, and safety. This includes respecting the training of the yoga instructors and personal space and safety of your fellow yogis. Leave any alignment and modification adjustments to the professionals. For the safety of everyone, adjustments by anyone who is not a certified yoga instructor are not allowed.

Be on time and ready to practice

Arrive 10-15 minutes early. While we do not encourage tardiness, do not be discouraged from attending class if you are running a couple of minutes late because of unforeseen circumstances. We want you to be able to practice. 

We encourage an odor free environment

Some of us are very sensitive to certain odors and scents, including natural body odors, smoke, perfumes, essential oils, incense, and soaps. Please be mindful of your hygiene and of others’ sensitivities to odors and scents while in class. We have showers available if you need quick rinse or shower before or after class. 

What to bring in the yoga room.

Yoga mats, mat towels, blocks, straps, other similar yoga accessories, water/clear liquids (no glass or colored liquids please), and a positive attitude.

Blocks, straps, and blankets are available for your use. Bottled water is available for purchase, and yoga mats and mat towels, are also available to purchase or rent at the front desk.

What not to bring in the yoga room

Personal items (phones, shoes, bags, etc.) are not allowed in the yoga rooms. Lockers and cubbies are provided to store those items during class at no charge. Additionally, we ask that you do not bring colored liquids or glass containers into the yoga rooms.

Clean up after yourself for safety’s sake.

Practicing yoga can build up a good sweat, which can be great. However, it can also cause slippery floors. Please wipe up any sweat that may land off your mat, including the floors and benches, and please put away all props. 

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