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Hot Yoga Room

Our hot room, is just that... HOT! Most classes in the hot room are taught at around 100-105 degrees and 40% humidity, using top of the line, evenly distributed heat and humidity sources. Ceiling fans are used throughout to help regulate the heat while we warm the room up with body temperature. At the end of class, everyone is offered a cool, refreshing hand towel.

A wall of mirrors will assist you to work on your form and alignment during your practice, while our PEM slip-resistant and anti-bacterial flooring provides excellent traction and light cushioning to help keep you safe during your practice.

Non Heated Yoga Room

Our non heated room is kept at a comfortable temperature to allow your breath and movement to help build the heat from the inside. Ceiling fans are used throughout to help regulate the temperature.

A variety of props are available to support you in your practice. Blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps are available for use in the room. The flooring is made of cork that is not only a sustainable material, but has traction and light cushioning to help keep you safe during your practice.


We have mat and yoga towel rentals:

a. Mat - $3
b. Yoga towel - $3
c. Mat and towel combo - $5

Our bathrooms are equipped with showers, towels, shampoo, conditioner and soap for your use, at no extra charge. 

1301 E. University Dr.,

Suite 130

Tempe, AZ 85281


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