Manny Gallegos

Manny grew up deeply involved in music and art. Originally from the mountain town of Bishop, CA. Yoga started its assimilation in to his life when the pain of being stuck and tired was too much.  Working like a tired dog, inspired more down dogs, to align the body after the rigors of labor. At the time Manny was experiencing chronic sciatica pain, he could barely touch my toes. His right hip grinded as he walked.  He was only 30 and alarmed of the suffering he had inflicted in his body. He was wound up like 10-day clock. So as advised numerous times by his wife, he set out with a morning yoga practice, watching videos online. As he got more in depth and comfortable in the breathing and his practice, he started attending studio classes at the YMCA and a few private events.

Two years later, inspired to teach and to embody his practice to the spiritual study, Manny enrolled at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences. He completed their 800hr. Yoga Therapy program with a specialty in Yoga Nidra and other Guided Meditation methods.  He studied Usui Reiki and became Reiki Master Teacher Certified, as well as obtaining a Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification. All of this over the past few years. He taught Nidra and Vinyasa at Kula Yoga, in Glendale and Lifetime Fitness of Gilbert.


Manny is looking to bring a musical flow to the meditation of moving and seated postures.  Art and music have been a part of most his life, and he would love to compose the symphony of movement. He chants, sings, plays the guitar, piano and the cajon drum. His ideal class would be a slow Hatha flow led into a Nidra or guided meditation, with music and sound healing during and at the end to deepen the meditation.  Each moment we honor listening to the body and the heart, we lift ourselves up to unlock our potential and purpose.

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