What is needed for my first class?
The registration process may take several minutes, and there may be a line of others trying to register. We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class so we can accommodate you and get you in class on time.


First and most importantly, discuss any injuries or health injuries you may have with your yoga teacher when registering for class. We do require that all yogis have medical clearance from their doctors prior to participating in any of our classes. With your doctor’s clearance, we are happy to offer modifications to best accommodate you and your practice. 

In addition to medical clearance, all yogis are required to sign a waiver. To speed up your registration, you may complete the waiver online.

We will then register you in your class, and get you set up with any gear you may need for class. Yoga mats and mat towels are free to rent with your first visit. 

Once you have completed your waiver, discussed any cleared medical issues, and registered for class; you are all set to get to your first class.

How do I prepare for class?

Be sure to drink plenty of water within the 24 hours before your class, and especially in the couple of hours before class begins. While yoga can be meditative and calm in nature, it can also be physically demanding and build up quite a sweat, especially in the hot room. A good rule of thumb is in one day drink one ounce of water for every 2 pounds you weigh, ex. 50 ounces of water for 100 pound person. The amount of water is doubled for those practicing hot yoga. Also, consider that we are in Arizona and often experience excessive heat that may require us to drink more water. We offer chilled water for sale, and we have a water fountain to fill your water bottle.

Seek the advice of a medical profession if you are concerned about your water consumption. Avoid eating for 1-2 hours before class. Many classes involve folds, twists, and time on the belly. Eating right before class may cause discomfort or other stomach issues.


Discuss any injuries or health issues with your teacher before class. Again, medical clearance is required before participation in any Mind Bodhi Yoga classes.


What classes and class times are offered?

We offer a variety of classes, class times and class lengths to accommodate busy lifestyles and diverse yoga interests. Check out our hot and non heated class descriptions and our class schedule.

What yoga class is best for me? 

We generally encourage everyone to try a variety of classes to decide what style you connect with. It can take a few classes to connect with the hot yoga classes, if you are not accustomed to that environment. However, you may find that hot yoga can enhance your practice in other styles and vice versa.

What if I’ve never done yoga?

Everyone starts somewhere. We all come from different backgrounds, experiences and abilities. Some of the tenets of yoga include non-judgment and kindness, especially to one's self, which we strive for at Mind Bodhi Yoga. You are only expected to do what your body allows you to do. 

Mind Bodhi Yoga offers a Yoga Foundations class for new yogis to learn more about the yoga practice, and to familiarize with the breath work (prana), poses (asanas) and cues to transition from one pose to another. 

Additionally, we offer classes that are for all levels and beginner to intermediate level. So you are sure to find a class that meets your needs.

Check our schedule of classes to sign up for the next workshop or class that suits your needs. Be sure to fill out our waiver as well when you sign up. 

What are the benefits of yoga? 

While yoga is first a practice of the mind and developing focus and mental clarity, it also has several physical benefits that may improve your overall health. Many yogis who maintain a consistent yoga practice report increased flexibility, lung capacity, strength, and balance.


Why hot yoga?

While practicing yoga generally, the breath and movement build heat in the body that allows the muscles and tendons to become more pliable and deepen into stretches. With added heat and humidity, the body warms faster to enjoy these benefits throughout the class. The added heat may also signal the body’s immune system to improve the t-cell function, similar to when the body experiences a high fever. 


The heat and humidity can be very challenging, even to very experienced yogis who are not acclimated to that environment. However, you may find that with a regular hot yoga practice, in addition to the other physical benefits discussed here, the heat can aid in bringing the focus of your practice back to the breath (prana) and mental focus.


How hot is the hot room?

While the temperature may vary due to class size and the weather, generally hot yoga is practiced at around 103 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit and around 40%-60% humidity. Be sure to come to class hydrated and to drink plenty of water throughout class.

May I bring my child to class?

We welcome children ages 5 and up to our non-heated classes, under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian attending class with them, and we offer a student discount. 

Because children have different physiology than adults, they are more susceptible to extreme hot temperatures, such as what we experience in the hot yoga room. Children are unable to regulate their body temperature through sweat as well as adults, and therefore, are unable to cool off as quickly as adults. Our focus is on health and safety. That being the case, we do not allow children under the age of 16 in the hot room. 

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